A special custom painting,
made with love,
just for you.

Complete the form below and I’ll work with you to create a one-of-a-kind painting to suit your space or surprise someone you love. 

Painting / Gift Ideas:

  • Pet portrait
    Let me create something sweet that captures your furry friend’s personality or something fun and surreal like your dog/cat/turtle wearing an ugly Christmas sweater.
  • Favourite animal
  • Maternity painting
  • Stylised / surreal portrait
  • Child portrait – perhaps cuddling a favourite toy
  • A landscape painting of a sentimental spot
  • Objects portrait (still life collection of objects that reflect the person)
  • Favourite plant / flowers


Depending on your specifications, I can customise the level of detail and approach used to suit your budget. As a guide:

  • Mini paintings (around 15cm square or smaller) are $60.
  • Small around A4 in size, of a single person / animal start from $90 with less realism up to $300 for a high level of realism.
  • Medium around A3 in size range from $250 – $800 depending on level of realism and number of subjects / objects in painting.
  • Large canvases A2 and bigger can cost anywhere from $400 to $3000 depending on your needs.

Your quote will include all costs including your surface and shipping.

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