Art activist using paint, graphic design, and illustration to spread good vibes 

Hi, my name is Jeanne-Marie but you can call me JM. I am a self-taught traditional / contemporary artist and NFT artist. My work us usually either highly detailed pop surrealism oil paintings or very minimal, negative space graphic designs with a sprinkling of things in-between. 

I have always loved creating and as a little girl wrote in my diary that I wanted to be an artist when I grow up. Although I have only in recent years returned to pursuing that dream, art has always sparked joy for me and has also been hugely therapeutic when life gets rough.

It is my hope to share not just beautiful things but to channel the power of art to heal, inspire, build up, comfort, challenge, and encourage.  I mostly create art focussed on self care, mental health, environmental issues, and what we can learn from children.

Still reading? Perhaps you’d like to download a free printable therapeutic art activity I made and join me in using art as self expression, self care and personal growth.