Artist, therapeutic art coach,
sip ‘n create party host,
neurodivergent friend.

Hi, my name is Jeanne-Marie but you may call me JM. I am a self-taught  artist with a few other qualifications in business, design, and art therapy. I’m also a mother of two sweet girls, ADD SPD neurodivergent, Christian and on a mission to make the world a better place through art and design.

As an artist, I enjoy many mediums, but oil paint on wood canvas is my favourite. I mainly paint surreal conceptual art, nature art, and activist art. I also adore creating pet portraits, surreal child portraits, and maternity portrait paintings; so feel free to hit me up for a commission.

I’m also a certified non-clinical art therapist and whole heartedly believe in the power of art to heal, inspire, build up, comfort, challenge, and encourage. Perhaps you’d like to download a free printable therapeutic art activity I made, and join me in using art as self expression, self care, and personal growth.

For local Sunshine Coast residents, I host the occasional mobile sip ‘n paint / create party – you organise the party, I bring the art. I keep it fun, low key, social, and unique for each group.

Thanks for stopping by – really lovely of you to read all the way to here 🙂 Feel free drop me a message on my contact form or on socials if you like.

xx JM