Custom Made Milk Tooth Keepsake Sculptures

Handmade with love in Brisbane AU

Parents can be a bit WEIRD

We are naturally quite obsessed with our kids and find some of the weirdest, least interesting or grossest things they do utterly ADORABLE.

We’re CRAZY about them (emphasis on the crazy).

One of the weirdest things many parents do…

…is pretending to be a TOOTH FAIRY and keeping their kids’ teeth as a keepsake for years and years.

My kids don’t actually believe in the tooth fairy but didn’t want to miss out. So just to keep the fun alive, I PRETENDED to pretend to be the tooth fairy so I could keep the tooth for myself and my child could have some money to look forward to.

Because we’re parents and that’s how we roll.

So what do we ‘tooth fairies’ do with these precious little gems?

I’m an artist; so for me the only logical thing to do with my child’s first tooth is to create AN ADORABLE SCULPTURE with it.

The idea was just too FUNNY not to try.

My child adores her first Toofie

I was quite surprised to find a void of anything remotely similar in all the internet.

Am I crazy? Am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious and wonderful and now I MUST HAVE A WHOLE COLLECTION of funny little critters with my kids’ teeth in them?


In my defense – I am a parent so…that’s normal.

If you are also a very ‘normal’ parent

You too can turn your diligent collecting into something that’s probably just as weird but WAY MORE FUN and adorable.

I’ll be honest – that first one wasn’t my best work but I’ve refined the designs since and really love them and the process of making them.

They are just too cute to keep to myself so I would be honoured and delighted to create a custom little sculpture for you too.

Build up a collection or just make one for the first tooth.

Your kids will LOVE them!

They are very durable, so your child can play with their Toofies.

If you love them too

..dig out that container and let those little milk teeth live their best life as a Toofie.

I will create a CUSTOM polymer clay sculpture using one to three teeth in one design.

Choose a more generic Toofie design in your preferred colour, or customise it to your child’s favourite animal, dinosaur, alien, or other mythical creature.

Each sculpture is lovingly hand made in Brisbane AU and no two are the same.


30% off until August 31


How do I care for my Toofies?

Polymer clay is very forgiving and often used in jewellery and other items that get used and moved around a lot. So unless you’re doing something crazy or exposing your Toofies to really high temperatures (over 130 degrees), the only care they may need is a dust off or wipe every now and then.

What do I do if my Toofies break?

I build in such a way as to ensure your Toofies are very durable and somewhat child proof (for your 6+ year old – not necessarily if their younger siblings get hold of it. We all know toddlers can find a way to destroy just about anything).

Polymer clay is durable and the tooth itself gets coated in a UV resin for ultra protection. 

However, if by some flaw or terrible accident your Toofie gets injured, just send it back and I will work out a repair for you for the cost of shipping.  

Is it safe?

Although your Toofie does come with real teeth, they usually won’t bite.

Polymer clay is certified to be non-toxic, but it’s still important to keep it away from children or pets who might be tempted to chew on your Toofies.

Some of the teeth I’ve kept have started disintegrating – what if it happens to my Toofies? Could the tooth fall out?

Just like dentists use UV resin to permanently repair teeth and withstand all the crunchy things, the teeth of Toofies get 1 – 2 coats of a UV resin to make them super strong, durable, preserved and tightly bound to the sculpture.  

Is it water proof?

Polymer clay is a porous substance so it is not recommended to play with Toofies in water or with liquids that may stain your Toofies. A thick coat of Polyurethane gloss varnish will make it waterproof.

Can I request a design that’s not in the sample options?

Absolutely. The designs on the website are just for inspiration but Toofies are lovingly created on demand inspired by your ideas.

How many teeth can be put in a single sculpture?

Hmm well I have not yet tested the limits of possibility concerning tooth count so for now I can only guarantee something cute and durable with one, two or three teeth.

If you would like to be the first person to attempt a lot more in one piece – let’s chat 🙂