Sip ‘n Paint Party – Rainbow Creations

SOME Inspiration


If I can do it in 1 – 1.5 hours – you can create something wonderful in 2.5 hours!

I find that the more crude and simple the design we work from is, the more people relax and create their own thing. We don’t have time for detail – so we must have fun!

The Sip ‘n Paint experience is about enjoyment, chatting with friends, and finding your own way without me micro managing every stroke. By the end, everyone’s piece will be unique – not imitations of the same painting.

We will all learn some very basic principles of how to approach your painting and how to mix colours. From there, I’ll mostly be circling the room and helping you bring out your own spark.

EASY – Paint a cup of inspiration

What’s your favourite brew? Bring a picture of your favourite mug if you like – or perhaps a bottle of perfume.

Let rivers of colour or a cloud of painterly expression represent the smell, taste, or feeling you get from it.

MEDIUM – Paint your favourite animal or pet with a special heart

Bring a photo of the animal or pet you’d like to represent and I’ll help you create it’s adorable cartoony version. Painting furry animals is super fun and easier than you think!

There’s lots you can say with paint and a heart. Have fun with colours to tell your own story. Make it a rainbow or solid, crazy or simple, melting or plump….

HARD –  Paint rainbow or crazy hair on a book lover

Let your imagination run free and just have fun with the paint. It can represent a story you’re reading, the emotions you feel while reading, or inspiration itself.

You can add doodles, splashes, shapes, swirls, or keep it simple, repetitive and meditative.