One-of-a-kind milk tooth keepsake sculptures

Super special, hilarious, and adorable.

Materials: Made from quality Polymer Clay and Iridescent Powder. Tooth protected & preserved with UV resin.

Colours: All the colours! Your Toofies can be a single colour of your choice or several colours marbled together.

Designs: Toofies can be inspired by an animal / monster / alien / dinosaur / mythical creature / shape and can incorporate 1 – 3 teeth (design dependant). Designs are based on the same overall look so that collections can be cohesive.

Where to send: Once checked out, you’ll receive a mailing address to send your tooth/teeth (Australia).

$10 shipping Australia-wide. International shipping $15.
FREE shipping on orders over $75 – you may like to check out my art prints 🙂




How do I care for my Toofies?

Polymer clay is very forgiving and often used in jewellery and other items that get used and moved around a lot. So unless you’re doing something crazy or exposing your Toofies to really high temperatures (over 130 degrees), the only care they may need is a dust off or wipe every now and then.

What do I do if my Toofies break?

I build in such a way as to ensure your Toofies are very durable and somewhat child proof (for your 6+ year old – not if their younger siblings get hold of it. We all know toddlers can find a way to destroy just about anything).

However, if by some flaw or terrible accident your Toofie gets injured, just send it back and I will work out a repair for you free of charge free or $30 if it got broken by force.

Is it safe?

Although your Toofie does come with real teeth, they usually won’t bite.

Polymer clay is certified to be non-toxic, but it’s still important to keep it away from children or pets who might be tempted to chew on your Toofies.

Is it water proof?

Polymer clay is a porous substance so it is not recommended to play with Toofies in water or with liquids that may stain your Toofies. A thick coat of Polyurethane gloss varnish will make it waterproof.

Can I request a design that’s not in the sample options?

Absolutely. The designs on the website are just for inspiration but Toofies are lovingly created on demand inspired by your ideas.

How many teeth can be put in a single sculpture?

Hmm well I have not yet tested the limits of possibility concerning tooth count so for now I can only guarantee something cute and durable with one, two or three teeth.

If you would like to be the first person to attempt a lot more in one piece – let’s chat 🙂


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